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Appointments with a communication and language assistant

Communication and language assistants offer interactive and personalized sessions to enhance linguistic and communication skills.

Here is an overview of what these sessions can look like:


Targeted and personalized activities: Each session is designed and adapted to meet the specific needs of each client, with interventions and activities based on the treatment plan developed by the speech-language pathologist. The communication and language assistant uses an individualized approach to address the unique challenges of each person, considering their interests, age, and skill level. A variety of activities, such as role-playing, pronunciation exercises, guided discussions, and writing exercises, are used to strengthen language skills.


Dynamic interaction: The sessions are interactive and dynamic, encouraging active participation. The communication and language assistant creates a supportive environment where the client feels comfortable practicing and improving their language skills.


Immediate feedback: During the sessions, the communication and language assistant provides immediate and constructive feedback, helping the client understand their linguistic strengths and challenges. This approach allows for real-time adjustments, optimizing progress.

Guidance: Throughout the sessions, the communication and language assistants provide professional and supportive guidance. Their experience allows them to identify areas for improvement and to guide the client towards better language proficiency.


In summary, language stimulation sessions with the assistant are interactive and personalized, designed to effectively and engagingly enhance language skills. With activities based on a specific treatment plan, dynamic interaction, immediate feedback, and supportive guidance, these sessions offer an environment conducive to improving language and communication skills.

Note: The fees for sessions with the communication and language assistant are generally not covered by insurance. It is the client's responsibility to verify the reimbursement terms with their insurer.

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